Saturday, June 9, 2007


I get a lot of emails asking me questions about RE:Play and usually the questions fall into the same categories over and over again so I thought I’d clear some of them up here:3

Q1- When is the next one coming out?
A1- March 08

Q2- Why don’t you make an anime of RE:Play?
A2- Because I don’t know how to animate, it’s magic and those who do it are voodoo witches with amazing powers which I very much envy.

Q3- Is Char a man or a woman?
A3- It’s actually surprising to me how many e-mails I get about this, it really seems to concern people! The simple answer is she was born male but lives as a woman.

Q4- I think Izsak’s a vampire, is he? IS HE?! OMG TELL ME OR I’LL EXPLODE!

A4- …uh…please just read the comic, yeah?

Q5- Will you make an art book?

A5- This isn’t up to me, if you’d like to see an art book from me (or any other merchandise for that matter) please send TokyoPop an email and let them know what you’d like to see :3 They don’t care what the artists want, they care what the fans want, that’s the way of publishers my friends.

I think those are probably the top 5, so we'll leave it at that for today.

In other news I will be hitting up a bunch of conventions this summer!
Here's my current con schedule lovingly copypasted from my DA journal:
Anime Expo- June 29th-July 2nd
Just a fun cosplay and hang out con. No AA table and AFAIK TP will NOT have a booth there so I probably wont have any signings. Say hey if you see me tho! (I'll def. be at the SKIN concert ho ho ho)

Otakon- July 20th -July 22nd
Work con!
I'll have a table in the artist alley as well some some limited prints in the art show.
If TP is at the con I'll have some signings at the booth again~

SDCC- Thu, July 26 - Sun, July 29
Still not 100% sure if I'm going to this but if I am I'll have booth signings at the TP booth and will generally be around to talk to if you need me. Another work con for me~~~


arsenic said...

do you mean that the next volume comes out in march 08? cause otherwise im panicing that volume two came out and i didnt know it!

C.Lijewski said...

Yeah 08, I keep making that typo! It feels like 08 is so far away or something x_x

allison j. sebastian said...

some of those questions are rather silly. it's good to faq them. i wish i was going to any of those cons. maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Marry me???? :p

Sounds like a pretty busy summer. Somehow I want to end up in your line of work, but alas I don't know if I could handle it. So to cut the stupid little fanboy act short, have a good one Christy :D

aseariel said...

i <3 Char. :3

siemgirl said...

uh, you also have a blogger account! I hope they will release RE:Play in Italian too in March 08 and we wont have to wait more :(
Thanks for your work!

Anonymous said...

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